Any business asset that makes money is an asset you need.

Such is the way Jim Grant of Giffnock Dry Cleaners values his DryStream EPoS systems.

“DryStream Doesn’t Cost You Anything”

With two fully established outlets under his belt, Jim Grant of Giffnock Dry Cleaners knows a thing or two about building a successful dry cleaning business.

He understands the need of a good EPoS system and praises DryStream for the value it adds to his business every day:

”I was originally using ticket books and one of the biggest problems was manually writing tickets which is time consuming, but worse was locating lost ticket orders. We’re the busiest cleaner on south side of Glasgow and I worked out that we were spending an hour a day searching for tickets and I was concerned at the amount of time customers were having to wait.

I worked out at the time this was costing me £50 a week or £200 a month just to locate orders along with frustrated customers who had tickets.”

I Spoke to Michael McLaughlin from MCL who mentioned DryStream was coming to the Scottish conference and I should talk to them, I met them there and, after a discussion, they assured me that [with DryStream] these problems would no longer exist.”

Having the ability to add uplifts automatically are a great feature. Charging the right price for the right garment every time, I would say, brings me in £100 a week which I had no control over before.

DryStream helps to improve the customer experience. That’s important as people vote with their feet. Handing a customer a hand written ticket with ‘TRS’ or ‘JKT’ scribbled on it doesn’t do anything for the customer experience.

Why don’t you have one?”


Giffnock DC - Jim Grant
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