• Why Should I Consider an EPoS System for My Business?

    Today’s is a competitive market and it’s no longer sufficient to rely on ticket books and a nice shop window.

    Successful Dry Cleaners understand the need for efficiency and optimal customer service, both of which may only be achieved with a good EPoS system, specifically designed for the job.

    DryStream is the best EPoS System in the world, designed exclusively for dry cleaners and launderers.

    Replace your till and ticket book or old EPoS system with DryStream and watch your business grow.

  • Why Should I Choose DryStream?

    The best EPoS system ever for Dry Cleaners and Launderers.

    Unlike others, DryStream is designed exclusively for Dry Cleaners and Launderers.

    So DryStream is packed with features designed specifically to help Dry Cleaners get the most out of their businesses. And the results are proven. Unlike other systems, DryStream is not just a ‘cash-register-on-a-computer’, it’s the perfect EPoS system for your dry cleaner’s or laundry.

    Thousands of systems are already installed so DryStream is proven with Dry Cleaners reporting increased profits, reduced operating costs and improvements in customer satisfaction. That’s why DryStream is the industry’s choice.

    There’s a range of systems to choose from and, unlike other systems, there are no compulsory on-going charges with DryStream. You don’t even need an internet connection in your shop!

    DryStream supports its users for life. Because DryStream is such a proven product there’s free on-site demonstrations before you buy and free unlimited telephone support to all UK users thereafter. No other supplier has the confidence or ability to offer this.

  • Are There Any Compulsory Ongoing Charges?

    While other suppliers impose compulsory never ending charges for things like telephone support, data farming, licensing, software activation etc and insists on having an internet connection in each branch, DryStream gives you the option of a Lifetime Support Pack to cover lifetime support and licensing. Thereafter there are no compulsory charges for using DryStream.

    You don’t even need an internet connection with our system (although if you have one you can enjoy FREE Cloud Data Backup).

    Once your hardware warranty expires we can offer you a low cost on-site maintenance option but it’s not compulsory. That will be your choice at the time.

  • What Does it Cost?

    DryStream EPoS systems are remarkably inexpensive.

    There’s a range of systems and a range of options. You can lease a system from as little as £9 per week or buy one outright.

    It’s best for one of our representatives to demonstrate a system to you so you can determine which system is right for you and discuss costs in more detail. That’s why we offer free on-site demonstrations in most of the UK and Ireland.

    With users reporting increases in profit in single shops of £28,000 per year it’s easy to justify the return on investment in next to no time.

  • Can I Spread The Cost?


    Subject to status all DryStream EPoS systems may be leased over 3 or 5 years. All the leases we offer are fixed terms contracts so you won’t end up paying forever.

    Alternatively, consider DryStream FLEX - the pay as you go EPoS payment option.

  • Why Is It So Important To Choose A System Designed For Dry Cleaners in The UK?

    You won’t see DryStream used  in chip shops or cafes.

    Some EPoS Systems are adapted from other retail solutions like fast food systems etc, and some are imported from overseas. Not DryStream.

    A dry cleaning or laundry operation works differently to other businesses. So to get real benefit from a great EPoS system you need one that was designed precisely for your business by industry experts. That system is DryStream.

    DryStream accommodates all the nuances of dry cleaning and laundry operations large and small. While other systems might print tickets and offer cash register functions on a touch screen PC (expensive cash register eh?) DryStream offers the only true solution for dry cleaners with specific features that help increase profits, reduce costs and improve customer service. That’s proven.


  • Will My Data Be Safe?


    DryStream believes that your data should be private so DryStream EPoS systems are designed to hold all your data locally. Unless specifically required, live data is not held centrally in the cloud nor in a commercial data farm. Your DryStream data will be completely safe, secure and private to you.

    It’s always important to take data backups so there are features within your system to take data backups to disk, memory stick or even to the cloud if that’s what you want. The choice is entirely yours.

  • What's Involved In A Free On-Site Demonstration?

    All EPoS Systems are NOT the same!!

    Buying the right EPoS system for your business is important.

    A DryStream EPoS system will do so much more for you than any other so take this opportunity to improve the value of your business, reduce workload and earn more money.

    You need to see any system before you buy and be sure it will work well for you. DryStream is one of the few companies that are happy to visit and show you a system in your shop, office or factory almost anywhere in the UK without obligation, or you can come to our offices to see a system here.

    To book a free on-site demonstration just call 020 8441 0102.

  • I'm In Scotland, You're In The South - How Do I Get Support?

    DryStream supports it’s systems via unlimited free telephone support, remote dial up support (where a suitable internet connection is available) and has a huge team of field service engineers throughout the UK and Ireland.

    DryStream support is second to none.

  • What Do I Do If I Need Help After Installation?

    Call us. We’re here to help.

    DryStream after sales support is legendary.

    If you have a suitable internet connection and if you prefer we can even dial in and connect remotely to your DryStream system to help identify and fix a problem really quickly and with minimal disruption to your day.

    And we have a nationwide team of field service engineers to fix hardware faults free during your warranty period or thereafter if you decide to take a maintenance plan.

  • Can I Speak To Other Dry Cleaners Who Have DryStream?

    Other users are often happy to discuss their experiences with DryStream.

    We will always be delighted to put you in touch with a similar Dry Cleaner so you can ask them for their impartial opinion of their DryStream ownership.

    In the meantime please see our short video featuring some DryStream users who were excited to share their experiences.


  • What's The Next Step?

    The next step is easy.

    Simply call us or click the ‘Contact Me’ button below.

    We’ll be happy to discuss DryStream with you further, send an information pack, arrange a free on-site demonstration or even take your order over the phone.

    Then we’ll arrange a delivery date and, depending on the system you’ve chosen, set a date for installation and training.

    Then comes the easiest part of all - start using DryStream and begin to enjoy the extra income and added benefits of the industry’s favourite EPoS system.

    Call NOW on 020 8441 0102

    (Customers outside the UK should dial +44 20 8441 0102)

The Dry Cleaner’s Guide to Buying The Right EPoS System

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