Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

There are several interactions we have with customers and potential customers which require that we collect personal data in order to fulfil the task. The extent to which we collect this data, and the situations in which it is necessary, are described below. Under the GDPR we have made clear the lawful bases under which all pieces of personal information are collected.

We are Debbies Dy Cleaners and we are a data controller of your personal data in the situations described below. You can contact us using the appropriate form on this website if you have questions or concerns regarding the data we may hold about you. We hold personal data for at least as long as we provide services to you, and then for a period afterwards where we deem it necessary to continue to manage our relationship with you, and also to fulfil our regulatory obligations.

We never disclose any of the personal information given to us to any third party except our payment processor, where a minimum set of data is transferred to facilitate the authorisation of payments. At no point is any payment information (card details) ever stored on our servers.

Part of our service includes cloud and local storage of data you may create in the course of using our app. This data is kept on our servers. If you ask us to cancel or delete your account any data held will be deleted after a reasonable period has elapsed. While we store such data we may aggregate its anonymised contents for statistical purposes, in order to help us and others understand more about our industry and our customers. Some examples of the analyses we may perform:

While you use our app we may record basic data about which features you use, and any problems you encounter. This is to help us fix bugs in our software and understand the relative popularity of different features.

You have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office which enforces data protection laws:

We have a legal obligation to keep all invoices we issue to all customers, for auditing purposes. These invoices will include such personal information as your name, email address

None of our policies affects your statutory rights as a consumer.



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