You may wonder whether or not you can afford a quality EPoS system. But, come what may, these Dry Cleaners are absolutely certain they wouldn’t be without their DryStream systems.

Gareth Whitfield at Rainbow Dry Cleaners in Knebworth uses DryStream to help him run his successful dry cleaning business. His experiences is worthy of your attention

“If you use DryStream correctly you will make a lot more money” explains Gareth. He explains how the increase in his turnover paid for his system within just a couple of months. Gareth gives us some up-to-date numbers saying “since having the system it’s made £650 per week difference”. And that’s a lot of money.

The Recession Beater

“I’m doing better since the recession, with turnover up by about 12%” says Gareth. He showed us how, on one particular day, he made an additional £250 purely because of his DryStream system. “I can’t see how anyone can survive without one” he says.

DryStream helps dry cleaners make more money, but Gareth says it’s more than just an increase in turnover that makes him praise his DryStream system so much.

“The biggest benefit is increased turnover followed by making life easier and time saving. It’s the difference of ploughing a field by hand or using a combine harvester” he says.

Whether you’re business is doing well or you’re working hard to build it up, the key benefit you get from owning and operating a DryStream system in your dry cleaning business may be summed up by Gareth: “DryStream has made more money for us than anything else”.

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DryStream has made more money for us than anything else” - Gareth Whitfield, Rainbow Dry Cleaners.

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