EPoS Systems

Exclusively For Dress Agencies

At last, a professional and affordable EPoS system designed specifically for Dress Agencies by one of the UK’s leading EPoS developers.

A Dress Agency is a unique retail operation.

Choosing which stock to carry and setting the right price to satisfy yourself, your sellers and your customers takes skill and experience.

Managing stock is more important than any other retail business and accounting for sellers’ commissions is crucial because it is those sellers that provide the ongoing lifeblood of stock to the business.

Historically Dress Agency owners handle all this manually and that is a huge task.We’ve seen Excel spreadsheets, ledger books and even hundreds of indexed paper cards used to attempt the task.

Now DryStream offers a proper solution, providing all the tools you need to help you run your specialised business in so many ways:

  • Garment Pricing
  • Garment Swing Ticket Production
  • Stock Control
  • Timed Price Mark Downs
  • Point of Sale Functions
  • Commission Calculations
  • Commission Account Management
  • Accounting & VAT
  • Charity Split Options
  • Management Reports
  • Integration to Sage Accounting

Since 1993 DryStream has become the de facto UK EPoS supplier in the retail textile care sector with over 2000 systems successfully supplied. DryStream installed its first Dress Agency EPoS system in 2004 and the companies today that use DryStream have never looked back.

The never ending mountain of paperwork disappears as DryStream leaves you with the time you need to focus on developing your business.

DryStream EPoS systems for Dress Agencies are supplied as fully installed units with a complete training and support package. Easy to use and keenly priced, DryStream may be purchased outright or leased over 3 or 5 years (subject to status).

  The Industry’s Choice of EPoS Systems for Dry Cleaners & Launderers Since 1993

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